we hate phubbing

We want to make our micro revolution against phubbing
Phubbing is a term that comes from the words phone and snubbing (ignore).
We refer to the fact of ignoring the person with whom we are as a result of the use of any connected device.
This is more and more common. It is socially accepted.

the problem


Tech has caught us

Every minute more than a million people connect to Facebook, more than 41 million messages are sent on WhatsApp and more than four million videos are viewed on YouTube.



48% of young people who spend more than five hours a day connected to the mobile have suffered some type of depression, isolation or suicidal tendency.


Overload information

Overload infomation is the difficulty in understanding an issue and effectively making decisions when one has too much information about that issue. The advent of modern information technology has been a primary driver of information overload on multiple fronts: in quantity produced, ease of dissemination, and breadth of audience reached.

our manifesto

we want to appreciate the value of silence and enjoy moments of unusual peace and counting sheep.

we want to connect fully with the people without the screens.

we want to reconcile with our minds and increase our concentration in order to inspire ourselves and create more.

we want to achieve more efficient communication.

we want to train against phubbing with simple routines, promoting a responsible use of technology.

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